Phillip White's
Julia L. White Funeral Home
Q.)  What information do I need to have?  
A.)  To help us serve you better, try to have the following for the deceased: Date of Birth;
Social Security Number; Father's Name; Mother's Maiden Name; Any Military
Documentation (DD-214 Forms); and Place of Birth.

Q.)  If my loved one passes away out of town, what do I need to do?
A.)  Simply dial our number first - so you don't have to pay two funeral homes.

Q.)  If my loved one passes away out of state, how much does it cost to have their
remains transported home for burial?
A.)  Depending on the particulars, our firm can arrange to have your loved one brought
home for less than $1000.00.  Remember to call us first.

Q.)  Does Social Security pay on all funerals?
A.)  Social Securiy only pays a death benefit of $255 if the deceased dies with a spouse
or child, and proceeds are paid directly to the dependent child or spouse.

Q.)  How much does a funeral cost?  
A.)  That depends largely upon the type of service you desire.  Our services start at
$3,295, which includes a metal casket, concrete grave liner, and use of our staff and
facility for services.

Q.)  What is embalming?
A.)  Embalming is preserving deceased human remains with chemicals which replace
blood and other body fluids.

Q.)  Why is emblaming necessary?
A.)  Embalming helps to stop the spread of contagious diseases.  Even though a person
is deceased, germs, bacteria, and viruses may continue to live.  Embalming helps in killing
some of these pathogenes and delays decomposition so that plans for a funeral may be

Q.)  Why is embalming so costly?
A.)  The embalmer's life is always at risk when performing the embalming operation.  
Professional skill is required in order to accomplish good results.  Risks to the embalmer
are quite great.

Q.)  How long does embalming last?
A.)  Embalming can be effective for many years; however, factors such as weather, soil
type, the method of embalming, type of casket, and type of vault can determine the

Q.)  What is the purpose of a funeral?
A.)  A funeral is to celebrate a life that has lived.  The funeral gives relatives and friends a
chance to show love, respect, and support to the family of the deceased.

Q.)  What is a traditional funeral?
A.)  A traditional funeral generally consists of viewing, chapel or church service, and
committal services at the grave site.

Q.)  What is the average cost of a traditional funeral?
A.)  The average cost of a traditional funeral is about $5500.00.  This includes basic
service fee, professional services, casket, vault, hearse, limousine, staff, and transfer

Q.)  What are the methods of payment for a funeral?
A.)  Most funeral homes accept insurance policies, society payments, cash, money orders
or cashier checks.

Q.)  What are protective caskets?
A.)  Caskets that have a rubberized seal to help give added protection to the casketed
remains.  This seal helps to prevent outside elements from entering the casket.

Q.)  What are non-protective caskets?
A.)  Caskets that lack a protective rubberized seal

Q.)  What are vaults?
A.)  Vaults are containers that the casket is placed in at the grave site.
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